LUCCA A53: Programming Steam Boiler Settings

You can turn down the steam boiler temperature (pressure) on your La Spaziale LUCCA A53 or Vivaldi espresso machine following these simple steps. (Difficulty ☕)

1. Plug the machine in, but don't power it on just yet. The power light should be flashing and the Lucca light will stay lit — this is the machine's standby mode.

2. Hold down the ONE CUP button for 3 seconds — the middle two number lights will illuminate.
(94 and 95 on newer models, 100 and 105 on older models.) 

3. Tap the HOT WATER button to lower the steam boiler temperature. The numbers left of the two middle lights will begin to flash and every subsequent time you tap the hot water button, the next light to the left will flash. Every successive flashing light indicates that the steam boiler temperature has been lowered by 1ºC.

4. Tap the TWO CUP button to raise the steam boiler temperature. Similarly, every flashing light right of center now indicates that the steam boiler temperature has been raised by 1ºC.

5. Select your desired temperature.

6. Lock in the selected steam boiler temperature by tapping the ONE CUP button again.

This will also return the machine to standby mode.