LUCCA A53: Programming Steam Boiler Settings

You can turn down the steam boiler temperature (pressure) on your La Spaziale LUCCA A53 or Vivaldi espresso machine following these simple steps. (Difficulty ☕)

Press the power button once to put the machine into standby mode. The power light will flash and the Lucca light will stay lit. Next, hold down the one cup button for 3 seconds. Once you do that the middle two number lights (100 and 105 on older models) will illuminate. From here when you tap the hot water button the number left of center (95 on older models) will begin to flash and every subsequent time you push it the next light to the left will flash. Every flashing light is signifying that the steam boiler is being lowered 1 degree Celsius. You can also raise it above its standard steam temperature setting by tapping the two cup button. Use this setting to set your desired temperature and you can exit this setting by tapping the one cup button one more time.