The Clive Process of Bench Testing Espresso Machines

Learn how Clive goes the extra mile to ensure that each espresso machine is perfect before it gets sent to your home.

Every machine that we receive directly from the manufacturer at Clive Coffee goes through an in-depth bench testing process. From setting PID values to keep the machine maintaining the most consistent temperature to checking every fitting, making sure there are no leaks, and verifying that the panels and frame of the machine are perfectly aligned for the most elegant fit and form. This process is vital for the home experience.


We've created this process by spending hours with a scace device (the most accurate group head temperature reading tool) to finding the perfect temperature settings for every machine and by having years of experience working on and maintaining these machines. We have created the optimal bench testing process to ensure, out of the box, you know for a fact you're in for an excellent home espresso experience.