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Credit Card Charges for Espresso Machines

Find out when we will charge your card for an espresso machine purchase.

When you place an order on our website, your credit card is authorized for the amount of the order. This reserves the funds until we are able to capture the payment. We normally only capture the funds from an authorization when we have a tracking number generated by our freight company, but we have a different policy for espresso machines. We've had numerous instances of credit cards declining our attempt to capture the funds after the espresso machine has left our facility. We then have to try to intercept the package with the freight company's help until we can resolve the credit card issue.

Because of this, we will charge your card (meaning capture the authorization) as soon as we begin to prepare your espresso machine for shipment. Espresso machines are bench tested before being shipped to you, and sometimes this can add time to the process of preparing your machine for shipment. Some machines can ship the same day you order it, while others may take an extra day or two to be tested and prepared for shipment. We will keep you apprised of the status of your machine as its headed your way, and will send tracking information as soon as it is available. Questions? Contact us at 844.254.8366.