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A Guide to the LUCCA A53 Error Codes

Are you seeing certain lights stay on or flash on your Lucca A53 Mini or DP? This guide will help you determine what your machine is trying to tell you.

(Models prior to the V2) LUCCA light only -

If this is the case, then the ribbon cable on the inside of the control panel has likely come unplugged.

Faint 'Boiler' light -

If the 'Boiler' light is faint the steam boiler is off. Tap the Boiler button to turn the steam boiler on, the light should be brighter and will start flashing as the boiler begins to heat.

LUCCA + Boiler light only -

If these two lights are the only thing on, chances are your machine was filling the boiler for too long and timed out.

Water Droplet light flashing -

This indicates the reservoir needs to be refilled or the magnet sensor is unable to sense the magnet in the reservoir. Try refilling the reservoir and make sure the reservoir is fully seated in the machine. 

‘91 92 93’ or ‘94 95 96’ flashing + no flow through the group head -

This is the flow meter error. When attempting to make espresso, if you see the display flash "91 92 93" (1cup) or "94 95 96" (2cup) ["85 90 95" (1cup) or "100 105 110" (2cup) on older models] there may be something obstructing the machine's flow meter.

(Models pre-2020) ‘91 92 93’ or ‘94 95 96’ + volumetric dosing not working -

If the volumetric dosing is not working, allowing the shot to run endlessly and the machine is giving the flowmeter error when pulling a shot then the on / off switch for the programmable timer is likely in the wrong position.

‘97+ECO’ or ‘120+ECO’ (on older models) stays on - 

If your Lucca A53 displays the ‘97+ECO’ or 120+ECO’ and is solid, the coffee boiler is unable fully heat.

‘96 97 ECO’ or ‘110 120 ECO’ (on older models) stays on (when the boiler is on) -

If your Lucca A53 displays the ‘110 120 ECO’ or ‘96 97 ECO’ and is solid, the steam boiler is unable to fully heat.

'97+ECO' or '120+ECO' is flashing -

If the '97+ECO' or '120+ECO' is flashing, this indicates the brew boiler is over heating.

'96 97+ECO' or 110 120+ECO' are flashing -

If the '96 97+ECO' or '110 120+ECO' is flashing, this indicates the brew boiler is over heating.