Baratza Encore + Encore ESP

Baratza Encore: Cleaning Your Grinder

This article will be helpful if you're experiencing the motor running, but not grinding or dispensing coffee grinds.

You will need:
- Cleaning brush (supplied)

- Pick (optional)

- Vacuum

Make sure your grinder is set to the coarsest setting. This allows you to remove the hopper.

Lift out the hopper, and remove the small black rubber collar around the white burr plate. 

Remove top burr collar by lifting it straight out. 

Use the provided brush tool to clean burr of any coffee grounds or residues. *Do not wash with water, this will cause rusting and corrosion* 

You can also use the provided brush tool to clean the grinder's chute, clearing it of any blockages preventing coffee from dispensing into the grind bin.

Next, turn your attention to the lower burr. This is not removable, so use your brush tool to clear away as much of the grounds around the burr as possible. Use a vacuum to clean up what you dislodge. It is possible that the brush tool will not allow you to get in deep enough, so having a long slim pick tool can also be useful at this point. 

Pay close attention to the opening of the chute from inside the burr chamber. This is where a majority of blockages happen, preventing the grinder from dispensing, eventually clogging and jamming the grinder.

For reference: this is the chute you may have cleaned from underneath,

But this is the part that is clogged: 

Using a pick, brush, and vacuum, you can dig through the wall of coffee that has built up in that small space, and free your grinder up to dispense once more! *(Please note the last two photos were taken after removing the casing of the grinder. This is in no way a necessary or mandatory procedure to clean your grinder properly.)*

You can wash the hopper, rubber collar, and grind bin in warm soapy water, drying thoroughly before reinstalling. 

For further assistance, you can contact the Tech Team at