Getting Started

Bezzera BZ10: Removing the Panels

Here is the step-by-step process for removing the panels from the Bezzera BZ10 espresso machine. (Difficulty ☕)

Tools Needed:

  • 3mm Hex Driver

1. Turn the machine off and unplug it from the power source.

2. Take off the top panel and water reservoir cover and remove the water reservoir from the machine.

3. Lean the machine on its back and remove the four 3mm hex screws shown below.

Image from iOS (71)

4. Position the machine right-side-up again, with the front of the machine facing away from you. With a hand on either side of the wraparound panel, gently push down on the front of the side panels to allow the latch device to pop out.
Image from iOS (70)

5. The side panels will now be able to be pulled straight off of the back of the machine, exposing the internals. If the reservoir bracket needs to be moved to the side, there are two hex screws holding it in place which are hidden by the side panels (see below), and an additional two on top, the two on top will not need to be removed completely, but rather just slightly backed out.

Image from iOS (72)