Boiler Maintenance

Bezzera Duo DE: Draining the Boilers

Below you will find step-by-step instructions and images for how to drain the boilers of your Bezzera Duo DE Espresso Machine. (Difficulty ☕☕)

Tools needed:
- Bucket
- Pitcher (32-64 fl oz)

- Damp hand towel

1. Turn the machine on and allow it to heat fully, then remove the drip tray and cup warming tray.

2.A. In the machine's settings, switch the machine to plumb-in mode.
(The machine does not need to be connected to a water source.)

2.B. If the touchscreen is unresponsive: Drape the damp hand towel over the side of the machine and allow it to rest against the water level sensor in the reservoir well. This should "trick" the machine to register water.

4. Place the bucket on the floor in front of the machine. Pull the machine to the edge of the counter and carefully tilt it onto its front legs.

5. Brace the machine securely, then press the manual shot button and allow water to drain from the group head. 

6. Continue draining this way until you hear the pump begin to gurgle and suck in air. Then stop the "shot" and carefully rest the machine back on all four legs.

7. Place the pitcher under the hot water spout and open the valve. Allow all the water in the boiler to drain.

8. Allow machine to cool, then re-assemble.