Boiler Maintenance

Bezzera Duo DE: Reseting the Safety Thermostats

If you have lost heat in your steam or brew boiler, you may need to reset your safety thermostat, here's how: (Difficulty ☕☕☕)

Tools Needed
-3mm allen key

1) Remove the panels

2) With the panels removed, locate the brew safety thermostat.


3) Depress the center 'button' with the end of a screwdriver or your allen key.

-If you lost heat from the steam boiler-

4) Gently lay your machine on its back and remove the bottom panel


5) with the bottom panel removed, locate the safety switch next to the steam boiler element and depress the center button with a screwdriver or the end of your allen key.


6) Tilt your machine back upright and test. Enjoy!