Boiler Maintenance

Bezzera DUO DE: Vacuum Breaker Inspection

If your machine is making a hissing noise, or struggling to maintain steam pressure, check your vacuum breaker

You'll need:

- 17mm socket or crescent wrench

- needle nose pliers


First, remove the top panel from your machine. Make sure it is fully cooled before attempting to open up the vacuum breaker.

Locate vacuum breaker on the top of the steam boiler.


Using the 17mm wrench, loosen the top half of the vacuum breaker valve and remove it.


Pull out the shaft, gasket, and teflon seat combination using the needle nose pliers.


Check the components for any build up, or sign of wear. You may be able to clean it, but if worn or torn, replace the three components with our Vacuum Breaker Rebuild Kit


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