Getting Started

Bezzera Duo MN: Setup Guide Video

Congratulations on your new Bezzera Duo MN Espresso Machine! In this video, you should find everything you need to set up and operate your dual boiler, rotary pump, E61 espresso machine.


Important Setup Notes:

If you will be plumbing the machine in to a water line, it's important to make sure that the line pressure going into the machine does not exceed 30-45 PSI. This will help prevent premature wear and potential damage to the machine.

Step 1: Inspect the box and the machine for damage

  • Remove the machine from the box and place it on a stable, level surface.
  • Before turning on the machine, inspect for damage that may have occurred during shipping. If you notice any damage, contact us immediately.
  • Please note that it is normal for a small amount of water to be on the machine when it arrives. It is also normal for the portafilter to not fit perfectly at 90 degrees!

  • Save all packaging as this is needed for returns and repairs.

Step 2: Water quality and choosing your water source

  • Before we introduce any water to the machine, it’s essential to test it to make sure it is adequately soft. 
  • Use the included water test strip to verify the softness of your water. Ideally, we’re looking for a softness near 50 ppm.
  • The Duo can use either the built-in reservoir or a plumbed-in water line.
  • If you plan to use the reservoir, make sure to turn the water source to tank mode in the options menu.
  • For reservoir use, fill the reservoir with filtered and adequately soft water.
  • If you wish to plumb-in your machine, switch the water source to plumbed in the control panel.
  • Attach the included braided line to the direct water inlet on the bottom of the machine.
  • To attach, simply screw on the line until hand tight, then use an adjustable wrench to tighten an additional quarter turn.
  • Attach the other end of the braided line to a cold water source.
  • Then, open your water line and check for leaks.

For more information on water, take a look at or click the link in this video’s description.

Step 3: Turning on your machine and filling your boilers

  • Lift the brew lever and turn the machine on. With the brew lever-activated, the pump will turn on, and water will fill the steam and brew boilers.
  • After a short period, you’ll start to see water coming through the group head. Lower the brew lever once 4 ounces of water has run through the group head to turn off the pump.
  • At this point, your machine is ready to pull shots! Simply wait for the machine to warm up and with coffee in your portafilter lift the brew lever to start the pump and begin your shot. To stop your shot, fully push the brew lever back to its original off position.

A Few Tips Before We Go:

  • The Bezzera Duo features a touch screen control panel on the machine’s face to edit and modify various settings. 
  • On the home screen, you’ll find the readout for both your steam boiler and brew boiler. If you tap on the brew temperature, this will bring you to the temperature settings. Press the plus or minus button to change the boiler temperature. From this screen, you also can edit pre-infusion settings, turn on and off the shot timer, and indicate which boiler takes priority during the machine’s initial warmup. 
  • There is a wide array of options within the settings menu too. You can program an automatic on and off schedule from the settings menu, calibrate the water level indicator, and set up reminders to keep up to date with routine maintenance and water filters.