Warranty and Repairs

Clive Coffee 1-year Commercial Warranty

If you encounter a problem with your equipment purchase from Clive Coffee, we are here to help. Please read through to understand how we will take care of any issue that arises with your machine.

How to obtain warranty service:

All warranty work is done by Clive Coffee or Clive-approved service companies.

When you contact us please note that we will try to troubleshoot the issue remotely, so please have the machine in front of you so that you can perform a few basic diagnostic actions. If you are working with your own technician company, have them contact our team (tech@clivecoffee.com) for warranty parts requests. 

To receive warranty service, parts, and technical support from Clive Coffee, you must provide proof of purchase in the form of your original order number. For orders placed online or over the phone, this information would have been emailed to you at order confirmation and also included on the packing slip. 

What the warranty covers:


  • 90 days of labor to cover defects in materials, parts, and workmanship (outside service must be approved by Clive).
  • 1 year of parts to cover defective parts.


What the warranty does not cover:

  • Warranty does not cover any freight shipping.
  • On-site labor or labor at a facility other than Clive Coffee (unless approved by Clive).
  • General "wear and tear" on parts that are subject to deterioration due to regular use, such as gaskets, filters, grinder burrs, plastic parts like bean hoppers, and so on.
  • Regular maintenance items, including but not limited to group head gaskets, dispersion screens, vacuum breakers, expansion valve/OPV seats, and safety valves.
  • Problems related to water damage, poor water quality, and scaling. This is by far the most common cause of espresso machine failure. Please ensure your water quality is suitable for espresso machines to prevent these issues which will not be covered by warranty.
  • Products for which the applicable serial number has been removed or altered.
  • Any product that has been damaged or rendered defective as a result of an accident, abuse, misuse, lack of reasonable and necessary maintenance/cleaning, neglect, faulty installation, mishandling, damage during shipment, line power surge, or any external causes.
  • Operation of the product outside the parameters stated in the user documentation that shipped with the product.
  • Usage of parts not manufactured by the original manufacturer, including installation of PID devices.
  • Modification or service by anyone other than Clive Coffee.
  • Acts of God, such as lightning, flood, power outage, swarms of locusts, or fire.
  • The cost of installations of routine maintenance items, such as gaskets, o-rings, grinding burrs, and other normal wear and tear items.
  • The expedited shipping cost of parts to the customer for self-repair.
  • Espresso machines, grinders, parts, and small wares taken or shipped outside of the 50 United States.

    Additional Warranty Notes

    • We highly recommend that you source an independent, dedicated service company that you can rely on in the event of your machine going down. We are not able to offer same-day solutions. 
    • Warranties are not transferrable.
    • We cannot provide return shipping for machines that do not have their original packaging.
    • In the event that a machine has an issue upon arrival, we will work with you to provide the parts and labor necessary to resolve any problems that are present.
    • In the event that a machine is being replaced under warranty, the original machine must be returned to Clive before the replacement will be released.

    Please see your machine's Clive Coffee product page for warranty coverage period information.