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E61 Gicleur Inspection and Cleaning

No flow or low flow from your machine's E61 group head? Start by making sure the gicleur aka jet is clear and free of obstructions. (Just don't call it a 'giggler'.)

Tools Needed:
- Large Adjustable Wrench
- 19mm wrench
- 7mm wrench OR 7mm deep socket OR 7mm nut driver
- Needle nose pliers
- Shop towel or hand towel
- Espresso machine cleaning solution, e.g. Biocaf, Cafiza

*Make sure your espresso machine is unplugged and cool to the touch before beginning.

1. Unscrew the top cap from the E61 group head with the large adjustable wrench. It can be helpful to drape a towel over the group head to prevent damaging the finish.


2. Remove the top cap and mushroom from the machine.

3. Unscrew the mushroom from the top cap. Use the 19mm wrench to hold the mushroom by its tool flats while you turn the top cap with the adjustable wrench. Alternatively, you can clamp the top cap in a bench vise and turn the mushroom.

4. Check the filter screen in the top cap and the gicleur in the mushroom for scale build up and/or debris.

5. Use the needle nose pliers to gently remove the screen from the top cap.

6. Use the 7mm wrench to unscrew the gicleur from the mushroom. You may need to hold the mushroom by the tool flats with the 19mm wrench.

7. Soak the screen and gicleur in espresso machine cleaning solution. Gently scrub away any scale build up and/or debris.

8. You may need to use an implement like a piece of wire or plastic filament to make certain that the gicleur is clear and free of build up.

9. Make sure the passages in the mushroom are likewise clear.

10. Reassemble the clean gicleur, screen, mushroom and top cap, then re-install in the group head. Use these instructions in reverse as a guide.