General Maintenance

ECM Mechanika V Slim: Panel Removal

Use the following steps to remove panels from your ECM Mechanika V Slim. Make sure your machine is unplugged and cool before attempting.

Tools Needed:
- 2.5mm hex driver or Allen key
- 3mm hex driver or Allen key

1. Remove the cup warming tray and reservoir tank.

2. Remove the six 2.5mm Allen screws holding the top panel in place, then remove the top panel.

3. Carefully set the machine on its front. It is safe for the machine to rest on the group head and subframe, but be careful not to tip it off balance. Place a towel under the group head and subframe to protect the machine's finish and your work surface.

4. Remove the five 3mm Allen screws securing the panels to the bottom of the frame. If you need to access the heating element or the bottom of the boiler, remove the access panel now.

5. With the machine still on its front, slide the whole three panel assembly toward the machine's feet. The mounting pegs securing side panels to the top front part of the frame will need to slide down to clear the key holes when the panels are pulled apart.

6. Carefully pull the side panels outward and lift all three panels together up and away from the machine.

7. You can continue to work on the machine in this position, but don't forget to set the machine upright on its feet before powering it on.