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ECM Mechanika V Slim: Vacuum Breaker Service or Replacement

A continuous hissing sound, weak or absent steam/hot water, intermittent pressure-relief sounds that continue long after the machine has reached full temperature — these are all signs that your Mechanika V Slim's vacuum breaker may need attention.

Tools needed:
- 2.5 mm Allen key
- 17mm crescent wrench or deep socket
- Pliers

Parts needed:

Vacuum Breaker Rebuild Kit or Complete Vacuum Breaker


1. Turn the machine off

2. Remove the top cup warming tray and water reservoir from the machine.

3. Remove the six 2.5mm allen screws from the top panel so it can be lifted off.


The vacuum breaker can be found on top of the boiler, as pictured hereECM Mechanika Slim Vacuum Breaker

To swap the internal mechanism using the Vacuum Breaker Rebuild Kit, Use your 17mm wrench or socket to loosen up the top nut fitting of the vacuum breaker.

Gently remove the inner components with a pair of pliers.

Take note of the order and orientation of the teflon seat, o-ring gasket, and piston. Clean off any scale build inside the valve housing, then swap the new parts into the valve housing. Replace the top nut fitting, and tighten it to seal.
ECM Mechanika Slim Vacuum Breaker Parts

(To replace the vacuum breaker using the Complete Vacuum Breaker, use a 17mm wrench or socket to loosen and remove the entire housing from the top of the boiler. Replace with the new part. Tighten to seal, but be careful not to over tighten.)