General Maintenance

ECM Synchronika: Adjusting Pump Pressure

Below you will find instructions on how to increase or decrease the pump pressure on the ECM Synchronika Espresso Machine. (Difficulty ☕☕)

Tools Needed:

  • Flat bladed screwdriver
  • Back flush blank

1. Remove the water tank from the machine as you will be tilting it to the side.

2. Tip the machine to the right; the pump is fully inside the machine and will need to be adjusted through an access port on the underside of the machine.

ECM Synchronika: Adjusting Pump Pressure

3. Once you've found the access port in the back left corner of the machine, you should be able to reach the pump adjustment screw with a flat bladed screw driver. Turning the adjustment screw clockwise will increase pressure, counterclockwise will decrease pressure.

4.Make half turn adjustments at a time and test machine with a back flush blank to check where pump pressure is at.