Eureka Helios 80

Eureka Helios 80: Removing the Chute

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to access the coffee chute and burr chamber through the front of your Helios 80!

You'll need: 

- standard Philips screwdriver

- small Philips screwdriver


Remove the single small screw from the top panel.Eureka-Helios-80-Top-Panel-Screw Lift the top panel off of the chassis.Eureka-Helios-80-Top-Panel-Removal Next, remove this single small screw from the front chute cover,Eureka-Helios-80-Chute-Case-Screw and pull the cover straight off the front of the grinder. Eureka-Helios-80-Chute-Case-RemovalRemove a screw from each side of the display panel Eureka-Helios-80-Display-Screw-Removaland pull this straight off the front as well. Eureka-Helios-80-Display-RemovalPull the chute cap off of the top of the chute and remove the three screws pictured here. Eureka-Helios-80-Chute-Access-1Eureka-Helios-80-Chute-CapEureka-Helios-80-Chute-RemovalPull the chute straight out and up to remove it from the grinder.Eureka-Helios-80-Chute To remove the chute from the white plastic connector, push it down to slide it off.Eureka-Helios-80-Chute-Connector-Attachment-SlideEureka-Helios-80-Chute-Connector-Attachment

To reassemble, follow these steps in reverse order. If you've got any questions, contact us at