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Eureka Mignon Series: How to Dial-In from the Zero Point

How to find the zero point on your grinder and dial-in.

These instructions should only be followed if your Eureka Mignon grinder is brand new or has been deep cleaned. For instructions on cleaning your grinder, check out our video on How to Clean the Eureka Mignon Grinder

Important to note: The dial on the Mignon grinders spins 360 degrees repeatedly, meaning the numbers don’t mean anything specific. They are just there to give you a reference point so you don’t get lost. 

What is the Zero Point?

The Zero Point on your grinder doesn’t mean the grind size indicator is on zero. Instead, it means the finest the grinder can grind without the burrs touching. 

How to find the Zero Point

With a clean grinder and the hopper removed, engage the grinder so the burrs begin to spin. Rotate the dial clockwise in the fine direction (towards smaller numbers) until you hear the burrs touch indicated by the chirping sound. Once you hear this, move the dial back slightly until the noise ceases. This is the Zero Point. It’s very important that you do not let this sound persist for too long, as the burrs are grinding directly against each other and can cause long-term damage. 

How to Dial In Your Grinder

Once you’ve found the Zero Point, move the dial three whole steps coarser (counter-clockwise). From here, you can start dialing in with coffee. Every coffee pulls differently. What works for some may not work for others. To dial in, please review The All-Inclusive Guide to Dialing In and How to Pull the Perfect Shot of Espresso.