Grouphead Maintenance

Lelit Bianca: Calibrating the Flow Control Paddle

Recalibrating the flow control paddle on the Lelit Bianca is quite simple. Here's how it's done.(Difficulty ☕)

Tools Needed:

  • 2mm allen wrench

1. Rotate the paddle to one side so you can access the 2mm allen screw on the backside. Loosen, but do not remove, said allen screw.


2. Before taking the paddle off, rotate it back to center so you have a reference point as to how far you're adjusting it.

3. Lift the paddle straight up off the spindle, and by moving the paddle left you'll get more range upward, if you rotate the paddle to the right, you will shut the flow control off entirely sooner in the range. NOTE: Make small adjustments, only a few teeth on the spindle at a time AT MOST, do not make large adjustments, the flow control device is very sensitive.


4. Tighten the 2mm allen screw back down with the paddle in place.


Things to keep in mind when adjusting the paddle:

-Adjusting it too far to the right will make it so that you cannot slow the flow through the paddle, and the grouphead will run at full pressure.

-Adjusting it too far left will result in the flow control "bottoming out" on the gicluer in the grouphead, this can break the gicluer, so DO NOT force the paddle to the left if you feel resistance - this can damage the components of the flow control device