General Maintenance

Lelit Bianca: Replacing the Expansion Valve (OLAB)

If the expansion valve in your Lelit Bianca has 'OLAB' written on the side of it, follow along with these instructions to replace the valve.

If the expansion valve on your machine does not have 'OLAB' written on the side of the valve, the expansion valve is serviceable. This article will walk you through how to inspect/clean the expansion valve.

Parts needed: Lelit Bianca Expansion Valve

Tools needed:

  • 19mm wrench
  • socket wrench 
  • 13mm socket 
  • 17mm socket 

1. Remove the panels 

2. Locate the expansion valve:


3. The expansion valve is in-between two solenoids. Remove the solenoid to the right of the valve in order to have room to remove the valve. To remove the solenoid, use a 13mm socket and loosen the nut from the top of the solenoid:

IMG_9806 From here you will want to slide the solenoid box off of the armature.

Then using a 17mm socket to unscrew the armature from the brass valve body:


4. With the solenoids out of the way, use a 19mm wrench to remove the valve:


5. Make sure to wrap the threading of the new valve with several rounds of PFTE:


6. Follow these steps in reverse order to install the new valve and reassemble the solenoid. 

Pro tip: We recommend leaving the panels off and turning the machine on to test in order to check for any signs of leaking.