Repackaging Instructions

Repackaging the Lelit Bianca

Here is the step-by-step process for safely repackaging the Lelit Bianca espresso machine for shipping. The machine should be drained before shipping to avoid water damages.

Drain your boilers

1. Place the plastic bag over the machine, put the machine in the box and add the 3 pieces of expansion foam on the rear corners and under the group head. Place the power cord, detached from the machine, on the expansion foam in the front.


2. Place the top foam on the machine - take note of the small slot where the flow control paddle fits in.


3. For Returns: Make sure all accessories are returned in place in the accessory box. For a full list of accessories visit the product page here under the "what's included" section.
(For Warranty/Billable Service please do not include these accessories.)


4. Place the accessory box on the top foam.


5. Tape the inner box closed and put the foam corners back in place.


6. Tape the outer box closed securely.