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Lelit Bianca: Removing the Steam/Hot Water Knob

These instructions will help you remove your Bianca's Steam or Hot Water rotary knob for inspection or replacement.

Tools Needed:
- Pick or small flat-bladed screwdriver or similar implement

1. Remove the chrome center button from the rotary knob. The center button is held in place by friction and a simple o-ring, so you should be able to remove it by hand with a little persistence. If you find that you need to use a tool to pry the button out, take extra care not to mar the wood.
Lelit_Bianca_rotary_knob_01 Lelit_Bianca_rotary_knob_02

2. Use the pick or similar implement to remove the E-clip from the end of the steam/hot water valve spindle.

3. Remove the brass spacer from the steam/hot water valve spindle; take note of its orientation.

4. A. Unscrew the knob. Without the E-clip and brass spacer, the knob should fully unscrew and come away from the valve assembly.

4.B. If the retaining pin on the knob has failed, you can now remove the wooden knob from the valve assembly. Then, unscrew the brass threaded insert from the valve assembly.

5. Reinstall the rotary knob by following these directions in reverse order. See below for assembly order.