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Lelit Bianca: Steam/Hot Water Valve Gasket Inspection and Replacement

Use this guide to troubleshoot leaks, obstructions, or flow errors related to the steam wand or hot water tap on the Lelit Bianca. The following instructions are the same for both valves. (Difficulty ☕☕)

NOTE: This article shows the hot water valve, the same steps apply to the steam valve.

Tools Needed:

- 21mm crescent wrench or adjustable wrench
- Pick or small prying implement
- PTFE tape aka plumber's tape OR food safe thread sealant
- New plumbing seat (if needed)

1. Open the valve all the way.

2. Using a crescent wrench or adjustable wrench unscrew the valve assembly from the arm. Use a towel to avoid marring the finish on the fitting.

3. With the valve assembly out of the machine, inspect the plumbing seat for debris and clean or replace as necessary. Don't forget to clean inside the arm where the valve closes off the steam/water flow.
4. If the plumbing seat shows defects or obvious signs of wear, it will most likely need to be replaced. Use a pick or small prying implement to remove the old seat, be careful not to damage the seat holder.

5. Clean the old thread sealant from the valve assembly. Apply new thread sealant or 2-3 layers of PTFE tape before reinstalling.