Repackaging Instructions

Repackaging the Lelit Elizabeth

Here are the step-by-step instructions for repackaging the Lelit Elizabeth Espresso Machine for shipping.

Before repackaging: Drain the boilers - while we work on a video specific to the Elizabeth, the Pro 300 article linked reflects the same draining process.

1. The power cord and small drip tray riser will go in their small plastic bags and be placed in the drip tray of the machine. The drip tray grate will then go over them.LelitElizabethRepackaging1

2. The portafilter, tamper, baskets, and the coffee scoop will go into the accessory box.


3. Close up the accessory box and place the water softening pouch behind the flap so everything fits snug under the grouphead, on top of the drip tray.


4. Place the accessory box onto the machine, put the plastic bag over the entire machine.


5. Place the machine in the box. The cardboard supports go along the sides of the machine (not the front and back) as specified in the photo.


6. The cardboard corner will fit down the back left side of the machine - do not place this on a front corner of the machine.


7. Place the upper cardboard piece in with the machine's manual in its slot. The open corner of this tray goes to the back left of the machine (where the cardboard edge was placed in the last step). This is important to put this in correctly so that the machine is supported on all corners.


8. Tape the box up securely and place into an additional outer box with padding on all sides, top and bottom. When these are shipped from Clive, we use a 16" x 16" x 24" outer box for reference.