LUCCA A53 Mini / DP / Vivaldi: Removing the Main Board/CPU

Instructions for how to access, remove, and open the main CPU

You'll need:

- Phillips Screw driver


First, you'll need to remove the panels from your machine.

Locate the CPU attached to the right side of the machine.


Remove the three screws fastening the CPU onto the frame of the machine. 


Remove the heating triac from the top of the CPU, pushing it off to the side. 


Pull the CPU box out through the back of the machine, careful to put all pressure on the casing of the box. It will require some wiggling and pulling wires aside, but it will pull out! 


Once out, you can remove the three screws holding the outer box casing together. 


Open up the CPU like so, and inspect your wiring, removing it if need be. 


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