Lucca A53 Mini / Mini Vivaldi: Expansion Valve (OPV) Service and Replacement

Below you'll find instructions for removing and servicing the expansion valve (aka OPV) from the Lucca A53 Mini and related espresso machines.

Tools Needed:
- 17mm crescent wrench
- 21mm crescent wrench
- Medium adjustable wrench

NOTE: The following photos show a machine with the Teflon steam boiler pressure read tube removed for clarity; you don't need to remove this tube to remove the expansion valve.

1. Remove the panels from the machine to access the expansion valve through the rear panel.

2. Identify the expansion valve.

3. Remove the silicone drain tube from the expansion valve.

4. Hold the expansion valve steady with the adjustable wrench on the valve body.

5. While continuing to hold the expansion valve firmly in place with the adjustable wrench, turn the brass compression fitting with the 17mm wrench as shown. Take care not to bend or twist the copper tubing connected to the valve.

6. You can now remove the expansion valve from the machine. Service the valve or replace entirely.

7. With the expansion valve out of the machine, proceed to unscrew the adjustment cap from the valve body as shown.

8. Remove the internal components from the valve and take note of their orientation. Look for any debris or scale build-up; you can use a scouring pad or wire bristle brush to clean the metal parts of the valve.

9. Examine the expansion valve seat gasket for wear or build-up. Clean or replace as necessary.
La Spaziale Expansion Valve Seat

10. If replacing the seat gasket, use a pick or similar implement to pry the old gasket loose, then press fit the new gasket.

11. After service, reassemble the valve and re-install in the machine by following these directions in reverse.