General Troubleshooting

Lucca A53 Mini / Mini Vivaldi: Replace Magnet Float

Use this guide to help you replace the magnet float on your S1 reservoir machine.

Tools Needed:
1. Prying implement

La Spaziale Water Tank Magnet Float
La Spaziale Float Retainer Cross

1. Remove the water reservoir from the machine and identify the magnet float in the retaining slot.

2. Remove the stock retainer by carefully prying upward. The stock retainer is glued into the machine, but should come apart with only a little force.

3. Remove the old magnet float and install the replacement. Be sure to orient the new float correctly, the round magnet should face toward the back of the reservoir and the convex rounded edge is the top.

4. Install the retaining cross into the retaining slot as shown. There's no need for glue, the cross is held in by friction.