General Troubleshooting

Lucca A53 Mini: Force-flushing the Group Head

These instructions will demonstrate how to force flush water from the Lucca A53 Mini's group head. This is a useful troubleshooting procedure for everything from dry pumps to faulty flow-meters.

NOTE: It's important to never run a vibratory pump for longer than one minute at a time. Doing so can cause premature wear and potentially damage the pump.

1. Start with the machine on and plugged in, but powered OFF. This is the machine's "standby mode" and is indicated by the power light blinking, but no other red lights illuminated.

2.Remove the portafilter from the group head.

3. Press and hold both the hot water button and the power button at the same time. The pump should activate immediately, but it may take a moment for water to exit the group head.
Alternatively, try holding down just the hot water button, then while still holding the hot water button, also press the power button.

NOTE: If water doesn't start flowing from the group head after ~10 seconds, release the buttons and allow the pump to "rest" for ~10 seconds, then repeat step 2 above. You may need to repeat this procedure a few times to prime the pump.

4. Continue to press and hold both buttons once water starts flowing to flush the desired amount of water from the group head. 

If you're running a flow rate test, run the pump for 30 seconds and measure how much water was dispensed.