Lucca Flow Control

LUCCA E61 Flow Control: Installation & How It Works

Congratulations on your new LUCCA E61 Flow Control device. In this guide, you'll find installation instructions (not necessary if yours came pre-installed with a new machine) and the Clive recipe for how to pull your first shot.

If you purchased this pre-installed on a new machine, you can skip the install instructions below and scroll to the bottom for our 1-minute video on pulling your first flow-controlled shot. 

What’s included: 

  • Paddle
  • E61 Mushroom with Flow Control
  • E61 Manometer (LUCCA gauge)
  • Large E61 Teflon Gasket
  • Small Teflon Gasket
  • Rubber O-ring (we provide this as an extra part in the case the LUCCA gauge does not center when threading, in most cases, it won't be needed.)
  • 2mm Allen Key

Tools Needed for installation:

  • Adjustable wrench
  • 2mm + 5mm Allen keys
  • Microfiber towel

Tools Needed_ Wrench, Towel, 2mm + 5mm hex keys-1

Step-by-Step Install Instructions

  1. With your machine off (and cool), remove the mushroom cap with an adjustable wrench and microfiber towel to avoid scratching the chrome.
  2. Lift the brew lever to remove spring tension.
  3. Install the E61 mushroom with flow control from the kit into the brew valve.
    1. Ensure the flow control spindle is open by turning it counter-clockwise before installing the mushroom into the E61.
    2. Ensure the brew lever is down to avoid water drainage. Expect some water to drip when installing.
    3. Use the adjustable wrench and microfiber towel to tighten the mushroom valve.
  4. Using the 5mm Allen key, remove the group head screw.
  5. Place the o-ring gasket onto the LUCCA gauge.
  6. Push down and screw the LUCCA gauge into the group head.
  7. Close the flow control by screwing it clockwise.
  8. Install the paddle onto the E61 mushroom in the closed position and tighten with the 2mm Allen key.
  9. Turn on the machine and let it warm up.
  10. Lift brew lever to test for leaks. With the pump engaged, move the paddle to control water flow.
  11. Insert a blank basket to test the LUCCA gauge.

How to Operate and Use the LUCCA Flow Control Device