General Maintenance

LUCCA M58 V2: Replacing Water Inlet

This article will be useful if you find yourself with a faulty magnet sensor or cracked inlet housing. Here's how to replace your LUCCA M58 V2 Water Inlet. (Difficulty ☕☕☕)

You will need:

- Standard Phillips Screwdriver
- Small Flathead

First things first, you'll need to remove your panels. Take a look at the back of the machine, where the reservoir sits. You'll notice that the water line hose is attached to the nozzle, remove this by gently pulling off the plastic connector. Underneath you'll see something like this: Lucca-M58-V2-Water-Inlet-Hose

There are three screws. Remove these! 

After the three screws are removed, you can lift the panel off.

Underneath this panel you will see the plastic inlet housing. This is fastened by two more screws. Go ahead and remove these as well. 

The Inlet Housing is connected by two wires. This is how the magnet sensor communicates to the machine that there is water in the tank! Go ahead and follow the wiring until you see these:

Pull apart the two halves of the plastic casing. You can now use your small flat head, or similar tool, to gently pry up the casing and carefully pull the wiring out of the plastic. 

You can now pull the remainder of the wiring through the base of the reservoir harness. Replace with a new inlet assembly by following these instructions in reverse order. Take care to connect the proper wires into the appropriate fitting. Ensure that the inlet housing is securely fastened down, as well as the metal plate above it. 

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