LUCCA M58 V2: Water Light is Flashing

If your Lucca M58 V2 is not initializing, or you see your blue water light flashing and hear beeping, follow along with these troubleshooting steps to find what is causing this to happen.

If you are hearing beeping, seeing flashing lights, or no PID display, your machine is not registering a water source. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Water tank not full: If you are using the machine in water tank mode, you may just be out of water. Refill the tank and see if the PID turns on, lights and beeping stop.

2. If you are using the machine in Reservoir Mode: Verify that the switch on the bottom of the machine is set to Reservoir Mode (0).M58 water line switch

Also, ensure that the ball valve toggle is set to Reservoir Mode (0).M58 ball valve

3. If you are using your machine in Plumbed-In Mode: Ensure both aforementioned switches are set to 1 or |. 

4. If you are in Reservoir Mode, and there is water in your reservoir tank: Take a look at the bottom of your water reservoir, at your Outlet Valve. This is where your water sensor is located. 
M58 ReservoirM58 Reservoir_1
Make sure there are no obstructions to the outlet assembly, and that the metal valve piston can be pressed in and returns to the pictured position. If either of these appear to be obstructed, remove the assembly by removing all four screws. M58_removing reservoir valve
Once out, pry off the white cap of the outlet assembly. M58 water outlet valve
Remove the inner float component, and clean out any debris found around the metal piston or the rest of the assembly.
M58 water outlet valve float

It is possible the sensor has gone bad. If there are obvious mechanical issues with this component, or un-obvious mechanical issues reaching beyond the scope of this article, please reach out to us at for further assistance in ordering and replacing parts.