General Maintenance

LUCCA X58: Setting Auto-off Mode

The X58 has three modes: Standard, Economy, and Auto-off. Below you will find the steps to program the LUCCA X58 in its various modes.

Economy Mode:

Economy mode is a feature required in Europe for energy efficiency standards. The LUCCA X58 can place the steam boiler in standby after 60 minutes of inactivity. The steam boiler can be reactivated by lifting the brew lever. After lifting the lever, the steam boiler will resume heating, and you’ll see your steam pressure continue standard operation.

Setting Economy Mode:

  1. Turn your X58 off
  2. Hold both PID buttons in and simultaneously turn the X58 on until F.01 appears on the LCD screen.
  3. Release the right PID button. Now, click the left PID button until nrG appears on the screen.
  4. Click the right PID button to display the current setting. With the current setting displayed (60, for example), immediately push the left button to change to ‘no.’ This will turn off the 60-minute timer for economy mode. If the current setting is reading ‘no’ - immediately push the right button to change to 60. This will turn on the 60-minute timer for economy mode, sending your steam oiler in a stand-by mode after 60-minutes of inactivity.

Setting Auto On/Off

  1. Turn off your X58
  2. Lift the brew lever and leave it in the up position.
  3. Turn on your X58.
  4. The blue light will flash. If you see two flashes, the standby mode is off. If you see three flashes, the standby mode is on. Lower the brew lever and turn the machine off.