Maintenance and Repair

Profitec Pro 600: Replacing the Steam/Hot Water Wand Teflon Gasket

Use this guide to troubleshoot leaks related to a faulty gasket at the Pro 600 steam wand or hot water wand. The following instructions are the same for both wand arms.

Tools Needed:
- Adjustable wrench
- Shop towel
- Pick or small prying implement
- New gasket, ECM/Profitec part P6015

1. Remove the steam/hot water valve assembly.

2. Use a large adjustable wrench to remove the wand arm ball joint nut. Drape a towel over the fitting to protect the finish.


3. Be careful not to lose the tensioner spring between the ball joint and steam valve outlet. Take note of its proper orientation for reassembly.

4. Use a pick or small prying implement to remove the old gasket. Install the new gasket.

5. It may be handy to have a helper hold the machine steady while you use both hands to reassemble the ball joint nut against the tension of the spring. Start the nut by hand first, then tighten with the wrench.