General Maintenance

Profitec Pro 500: Steam/Hot Water Knob Disassembly

Follow these steps to disassemble or remove the steam or hot water knobs from your Pro 500.

Tools Needed:
- Small flat bladed screw driver
(or similar implement)

1. Use the small screwdriver to carefully pry the center cap from the knob.

2. Use the small screwdriver gently pry the E-clip retaining clip from the end of the valve spindle. Be careful not to drop or lose the E-clip.

3. Unscrew the knob completely until it comes separates from the steam/hot water arm assembly.
NOTE: Take care not drop or lose the brass spacer insert.

4. To reassemble or replace knob, follow these instructions in revers. Refer to the image below to ensure that everything goes back in the correct order and orientation.

NOTE: To prevent squeaking during use, you may wish to apply a small amount of a food safe lubricant to the threads as indicated below.