General Maintenance

Profitec Pro 500: Steam/Hot Water Valve Gasket Inspection and Service

Is the steam or hot water wand on your Pro 500 constantly dripping? Or do the valves fail to dispense steam/hot water? This could be a sign that the valve gasket is in need of service or replacement.

Tools Needed:
- 21mm crescent wrench or large adjustable wrench
- Pick or similar implement

Replacement Steam/Hot Water Valve Gasket

NOTE: Although only the steam side of this machine is shown, these instructions are exactly the same for both the steam valve and the hot water valve.

1. Start by unscrewing the knob all the way.

2. Identify the tool flats on the valve assembly where it screws into the arm, then carefully use the 21mm crescent wrench or adjustable wrench to unscrew the valve assembly from the rest of the arm.
NOTE: You may wish to tape off the tool flats or drape a towel over the valve assembly to avoid marring the finish on the machine.

3. Once the valve assembly is removed, inspect the red/orange gasket and internal sealing surface. You may be able to resolve the issue by simply cleaning both areas.

4. If the valve gasket is damaged or badly worn, it will need to be replaced. Use the pick to pry out the old gasket. Then press the new gasket in with your fingers.

5. Clean off any remaining debris from the valve assembly, then reassemble by following these instructions in reverse.

NOTE: You may wish to re-apply a liberal amount of food safe lubricant to the valve spindle spring to help the valve actuate smoothly.