Cleaning & Maintenance

Profitec Pro 800: Steam Wand Ball Joint Gasket Replacement

If your steam wand is leaking, moving around without much resistance, or your gasket pops out - here's how to fix it

You'll Need:

- 22mm Wrench


Using the 22 mm wrench, loosen the nut fitting fastening the steam arm to the valve assembly.Profitec-Pro-800-Steam-Arm-Ball-Joint-Gasket-Nut

Remove the wand assembly from the valve, careful not to lose the spring inside. Profitec-Pro-800-Steam-Arm-Ball-Joint-Gasket-Nut-Removal


Remove the tip of the steam wand, and slide the black rubber sleeve and nut fitting down and off the shaft of the wand.



Take a look inside the nut fitting. You may or may not see a black rubber gasket around the base of the nut (if you don't, yours is missing and that's why you're here). Insert your replacement gasket and slowly work it down to the bottom of the nut. Slide the nut back up the shaft of the steam wand and use the ball joint to help push it fully into place. Profitec-Pro-800-Steam-Arm-Ball-Joint-Gasket

Follow these steps in reverse order to reassemble the rest of your steam wand. If you have any questions, reach out to us at