General Maintenance

LUCCA M58: Cleaning Inlet Check Valve

Below are instructions for removing an inlet check valve on your Quick Mill LUCCA M58. This is useful if the check valve is allowing water back into the water tank or sending excess pressure out of the water line inlet.

Tools required:

  • 2x adjustable wrench
  • 12mm crescent wrench
  • 15mm crescent wrench
  • 17mm crescent wrench
  • Diagonal cutters (or scissors)

First, remove the panels.

V2 Lucca M58:
1. Remove the water reservoir tray to access the check valve and OPV assembly. Identify the check valve.

2. Remove the steam boiler line compression fitting.


3. Remove the brew boiler fitting connection.


4. Remove the flexible tube from the top of the OPV.

5. Use two wrenches to unscrew the check valve.


6. Remove the internal check valve components and soak in a descaling solution to clean.


7. Reassemble the check valve and reinstall in the machine. It may be helpful to reconnect the fittings in the same order they were removed, i.e. steam boiler fitting first, brew boiler fitting next, then flexible tube.

NOTE: You will need to re-seal the threads of the check valve on reassembly to prevent leaks. The threads are sealed from the factory with liquid thread sealant, but here at Clive we recommend using PTFE tape (aka Teflon plumbers tape). PTFE tape is drinking-water safe and heat stable.


V1 Lucca M58:

LUCCA M58: Cleaning Inlet Check Valve
LUCCA M58: Cleaning Inlet Check Valve
LUCCA M58: Cleaning Inlet Check Valve
LUCCA M58: Cleaning Inlet Check Valve

Rebuild and test.