General Maintenance

LUCCA M58: Pump Inlet Filter & Outlet Gicleur Blockage

Learn how to clear a blockage at the inlet and outlet sides of the pump in the Quick Mill LUCCA M58. Helpful if your machine is running incessantly trying to fill or having difficulty moving water through the group head. (Difficulty ☕☕☕)

Tools Needed:

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • 7mm, 9mm, 12mm, 13mm, 19mm Crescent wrenches
  • Pick or similar implement

NOTE: The machine should be cool to the touch before you begin.

1. Start by removing the panels from the machine.

2. Remove the outlet hose from the fill solenoid using a 12mm wrench.

LUCCA M58: Pump Outlet Gicleur Blockage

3. Verify the blockage. In this photo there is full flow, if you are seeing weak flow here or no flow at all then continue on to the next steps. If you are seeing full flow then the gicleur is not the issue and you will need to troubleshoot further down the flow path.

Reattach the hose to the solenoid when you finish this step, before moving on.

LUCCA M58: Pump Outlet Gicleur Blockage

4. Move the wiring harness out of the way of the pump.

LUCCA M58: Pump Outlet Gicleur Blockage

5. Remove the 3 fittings from the pump using the 12 and 13mm wrenches.

LUCCA M58: Pump Outlet Gicleur Blockage

6. Use a phillips screwdriver to loosen the collar on the pump all the way until you are able to pull the entire pump away from the motor as shown in this photo.

LUCCA M58: Pump Outlet Gicleur Blockage

7. Remove the inlet and outlet elbow fittings from the pump with a 9mm wrench.


8. Use a 7mm wrench to remove the gicleur from the outlet elbow. You may need to counter-torque on the elbow fitting with your 9mm wrench to get it out.

LUCCA M58: Pump Outlet Gicleur Blockage

9. Ensure the opening of the gicleur is completely free of blockage. Reinstall it in the elbow fitting and put the elbow fitting back onto the pump.

LUCCA M58: Pump Outlet Gicleur Blockage

NOTE: As of 2022 the Clive Coffee tech department has determined that it is safe to operate your M58 without the pump gicleur. You may omit the gicleur to prevent further flow problems.

10. Inspect the wire mesh filter on the inlet side of the pump. You may need to remove the mesh filter to flush it of any debris. Most of these filters can be removed with a wide flat-bladed screwdriver as shown.

M58 Rotary 2
M58 Rotary 3
NOTE: If you are using RO/DI water with a re-mineralizer such as Third Wave, this filter can be left out to prevent further obstructions by the re-mineralizing agents.
If you are using well filtered and conditioned water, it is also recommended to remove this filter. As your machine ages, this filter can deteriorate and cause reduced flow.

11. Reinstall elbow fittings and mount the pump. There is a gear that will need to fit up into the motor slot. Use your hand to hold the pump and collar like in the photo, and then tighten the collar back down.

LUCCA M58: Pump Outlet Gicleur Blockage

12. Reattach the two rear fittings of the pump first, otherwise you won't be able to get to the back hose with the closer one installed.

LUCCA M58: Pump Outlet Gicleur Blockage

13. Test your machine with all of the fittings reattached and the panels still removed to make sure there are no leaks. If you cleared out the gicleur then you should see flow from the group head and/or the machine will be able to fill.