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LUCCA M58: Replacing the Brew Boiler Element

Below you will find instructions for replacing the brew boiler element in the Quick Mill LUCCA M58 espresso machine. (Difficulty ☕☕)

Tools Needed:

1. Drain the boilers.

2. Unplug the electrical leads from the old heating element.
LUCCA M58: Replacing Coffee Boiler Element

3. Use a 30mm socket and impact driver to unscrew the old element from the boiler.

LUCCA M58: Replacing Coffee Boiler Element

4. Replace the element and the gasket; you'll need to tighten the element with the impact driver to get it tight enough not to leak.

5. Power the machine on and allow the PID to initialize, then immediately lift the brew lever and allow water to flow from the group head for 30 seconds *before the machine begins to heat*.

*Be careful not to skip this step. There is no auto-fill function for the machine's brew boiler. Failing to re-fill the brew boiler after replacing the heating element will damage the new element and could cause further damage to the machine.