Steam Boiler Maintenance

Rancilio Silvia Pro: Cleaning the Hot Water Solenoid

These instructions will show you how to clean and inspect the hot water solenoid on your Silvia Pro or Pro X espresso machine. This is useful if the hot water tap is passively dripping or the solenoid will not open.

Tools needed:

- Philips head screw driver 

- 17mm deep socket + socket wrench 

*Make sure the machine is completely cooled.* 


1. Remove the top panel and locate the hot water solenoid:


2. Use the Philips-head screw driver to unscrew the power cable from the solenoid box:


3. Remove the 'C' clip and the black box from the piston:


4. Use a 17mm deep socket to unscrew the piston from the assembly:


5. Inspect/clean any blockages in the valve and on the seat, then confirm that the spring can move freely. 


Now, follow these instructions in reverse order to reinstall the solenoid.