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Rancilio Silvia Pro or Pro X: Panel Removal

See our step-by-step instructions on how to remove the panels from your Silvia Pro.

Tools needed:

-Phillips head screwdriver (long-reach driver recommended if available)

Start by removing the drip tray and water reservoir. Then, you will need to remove the six panel screws that attach the top panel to the machine.


Next, remove the two smaller Phillips head screws attaching the panel to the frame.


Then, remove the front panel, exposing two additional screws that attach the panels to the frame. Remove these small Phillips head screws.



Then, remove the final Phillips head screw that attaches the panel to the frame. This screw will be beneath the reservoir cavity and may require a long-handled screwdriver to reach.


5 bottom screw


The panel should be able to be removed now simply by lifting gently and pulling the panel off the back of the machine.