Getting Started

Rancilio Silvia Pro: Setup Video

Congratulations on your new Rancilio Silvia Pro. In this video, you should find everything you need to set up and operate your dual boiler espresso machine.


Step One: Inspect the Box and the Machine for Damage

  • Remove the machine from the box, we always recommend saving the box and all of the internal packing material.
  • Set your machine on a stable, level surface 
  • Inspect the machine for damage, if you happen to notice any damage please contact us right away.

Step Two: Water Quality and Filling your Reservoir

  • Before we introduce any water to your machine it’s important to test it to ensure it’s adequately soft. 
  • Use the included water test strips to verify the hardness of your water
  • Ideally, we’re looking for a water hardness around 50ppm
  • To learn more about our recommendations for water quality, visit or click the link in the description of this video,
  • Once you’ve checked to make sure your water is perfectly softened and filtered it’s just about time to fill the machine’s reservoir.
  • Verify the water intake lines are sitting at the bottom of the water tank and fill the machine’s reservoir.

Step Three: Filling your Boilers and Turning on your Machine

  • Plug in your machine and turn on the power switch
  • Right away the machine will automatically start filling and heating the brew boiler.
  • If you wish to steam, click the steam button to start heating the steam boiler as well.
  • Once the PID reaches 200F you’re ready to pull your first shots. With coffee in your portafilter lock it into the group head and press the shot button under the PID to start 

A Few Tips Before we go:

  • The Silvia Pro features a PID for exact control over brew and steam temperature
  • Coffees with different roast levels tend to taste best at different brewing temperatures.  Lighter roasts typically prefer a slightly higher temperature and darker roasts prefer the lower end of the spectrum, with the entire range between 195 and 205F.
  • To adjust the temperature of the brew boiler you simply need to press the plus or minus button to increase or decrease the temperature on the display. To set your brew temperature, click the plus or minus button to your ideal temperature. Once you’re there, wait a few seconds, your PID will reset back to the normal operating screen and heat to your desired temperature.
  • Within the PID there are a variety of other options available such as steam temperature, auto on and off settings, cleaning reminders as well as voltage options. 
  • To enter the options menu, hold the plus and minus buttons for 3 seconds. T2 will flash, press the plus button to cycle through the menu. To select the function you wish to edit click the shot button to enter and confirm your settings.

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