Rancilio Silvia Pro or Pro X: Priming the Vibratory Pump

This article shows you how to prime the vibratory pump on the Silvia Pro and Pro X. If your unable to get flow through the group head, try this.

Tools needed:

- Syringe or baster, something to force water into the inlet tube


1. Remove the reservoir lid and locate the split inlet tube:



2. Turn the machine on, and with the water delivery tool of your choice, force water into the inlet tube:



3. As you are forcing water into the tube, engage the pump by pressing the brew button on the front of the machine. Turn the pump on and off, allowing it to run for 10 one-second intervals. 



4. Replace the tube into a full water reservoir tank, and allow the pump to run until water flows through the grouphead. If you still do not see water after about 20-30 seconds, turn the machine off and try re-priming. You might have to re-prime the pump a couple of times.