Brew Boiler Maintenance

Rancilio Silvia Pro/Pro X Cleaning/Backflushing the Group Head

Please follow along with this steps to backflush your group head for regular cleaning and maintenance.

Note: The instructions for backflushing your machine are also included in the User Manual, however, we have found that our version of the step-by-step written instructions is much easier to follow along with.

You will need:

- Backflush blank/rubber portafilter insert
- Portafilter with a double basket
- Urnex or espresso cleaner of your choice
- Cleaning brush
- Pitcher or container to catch liquid

1. Remove the portafilter from the group head and press the brew button. Allow the let the water run for 3-4 seconds into the pitcher. 

2. Use your cleaning brush to give the group head screen and gasket a quick scrub. 

3. Insert the blind disk into your portafilter, and add about a teaspoon of the cleaning detergent before locking it into the group head.

4. Remove the drip tray cover and replace the pitcher beneath the group head to catch the rinsing liquid.

5. Press and hold the plus and minus buttons on the PID for three to five seconds to enter the advanced settings. Use the minus button to scroll to the F.01 setting and press the
coffee button twice to confirm the wash cycle.  (CL1)

6. When the display shows CL2, you may remove the portafilter with the blind filter disk and rinse
both with fresh water.

7. Lock the portafilter back in place without the blind filter disk and press the coffee button to continue the washing cycle. (CL2)

8. When the display shows CL3, you may remove the portafilter and insert the blind filter disk once again with no more cleaner.

9. Lock the portafilter back into place and press the coffee button to continue once more. (CL3)

10. At the end of this washing cycle, the display will return to the initial screen. You may unlock the portafilter at this time and remove the blind filter disk.

11. Now that you are finished with the backflush, you can replace your portafilter into the group head, empty the drip tray and pitcher and replace the drip tray cover.