Rancilio Silvia Pro X: Resetting the PID

Follow these steps to reset your Silvia Pro X's PID.

1. Start with the machine plugged in, but powered off.

2. Press and hold both PID buttons at the same time.

3. Flip the power switch to the ON position, while continuing to press and hold the PID buttons. The PID will display a few sequential message codes — continue holding.

4. When the PID displays the "Pr5" code, you can release the PID buttons and power cycle the machine. (Turn it off, then back on again.)

5. The first time the machine is powered on after resetting the PID it will display the "1st" message code and attempt to manually fill the boilers — this may take ~30 seconds.

6. Eventually the machine will return to its normal operating mode. The default temperature units are in Celsius, follow the programming instructions in the setup guide if you'd like to change the units to Fahrenheit:
Rancilio Silvia Pro X: Setup Guide

*Don't forget to switch off the Auto Shut Down settings or program your own preferred parameters.