Getting Started

Recalibrating the LUCCA E61 Flow Control

If your flow control does not fully close or if your flow feels restricted, you can try recalibrating your flow control device.

Tools Needed:

2mm Allen key
Flat head screw driver (If needed)

Make sure that your machine is off and cool before beginning.

1.Turn your flow control paddle clockwise all the way to the closed position.

2. Using a 2mm Allen key, unscrew the small screw but leave it inside of the paddle for safekeeping.


3. Lift the paddle straight up off of the spindle (You may need to use a flathead screwdriver to help lift it off if it is particularly tight). 


4. Make sure that your spindle is closed by gently twisting the spindle clockwise until you meet resistance. 


5. Replace the paddle in the closed position and use the allen key to screw the set screw back into place. 


Turn your machine on and test.