Repackaging Instructions

Repackaging the Profitec Pro 600

Below you will find instructions for repackaging the Profitec Pro 600 Espresso Machine.

Before putting the machine away, follow our draining instructions which can be found here: Profitec Pro 700 Boiler Draining Instructions. (This process is the same for both the Pro 600 and Pro 700 espresso machines).

1. Place the bag over the machine, wrap the cord up and place it where the drip tray was on the outside of the bag to prevent it from scratching the face of the machine.

2. Check out the bottom padding, you will need to put the feet in the 4 holes at the bottom of the box when you set it in place.


3. Once the machine is in the box, place the protective foam underneath and in front of the group head.

4. Put the top padding on the machine, with the cup rail following along with the slot in the padding.

5. Put the top accessory box in, making sure everything is in place like in the photo - drip tray included. This is especially important that the drip tray does not get left on the machine as it will cause damage in shipping.

6. Place the machine box inside a larger outer box with padding on each side, top and bottom to ensure it is protected. This step can be performed at the carrier. Clive uses a 24"x24"x24" outer box when shipping the Pro 600.