Getting Started

Rocket Boxer: Setup Guide

Congratulations on your new Rocket Boxer! In this guide, you should find everything you need to set up and operate your commercial espresso machine.

Step 1: Unboxing and Inspection

  • Remove the machine from the box and place it on a stable, level surface.
  • Before turning on the machine, inspect for damage that may have occurred during shipping. If you notice any damage, contact us immediately.
  • Please note that it is normal for a small amount of water to be on the machine when it arrives. It is also normal for the portafilter to not fit perfectly at 90 degrees!
  • Save all packaging as this is needed for returns and repairs.

Step 2: Water quality

  • Before introducing water to your machine, it's essential to test it to ensure it's adequately soft, around 50 ppm (parts per million). Use the included water test strips from your home barista starter kit to verify the hardness of your water. To learn more about our recommendations for water quality, check out our blog post, The Importance of Water and Your Espresso Machine.
  • Once you've confirmed your water quality is adequate, you may connect your machine to a water line. Note: do not use Zero water or reverse osmosis as the machine will not register that it has proper water supply. 

Spec Sheet - Boxer 1G 110V-1Step 3: Turning on your machine and filling your boilers

  • Ensure your water supply is open and there is a flow of water to the machine. Ensure the machine has been properly connected to an efficient earthing/grounding system. Please see the manufacturer manual (page 7) for details on electrical connections. We highly recommend consulting an electrician. 
  • Turn the on/off switch located on the leftside of the front panel from "0" to position "1". The indicator lights (Fig. 2-1) and (Fig. 2-3) comes on.
Screen Shot 2023-02-20 at 11.18.53 AM

  • Once light (Fig. 2-3) turns off and light (Fig. 2-2) turns on, the boiler has been filled.
  • At this time, turn the main switch from from "1" to "2" to turn the heater on.
  • Allow the boiler pressure to reach the working pressure of 0.9 bar indicated by the gauge on the rightside of the front panel.
  • Release steam from the wand for a few seconds by opening the steam knob. Place a towel over the wand to avoid water or steam burn. Once the machine has reached working pressure again, it's ready for use. 

Step 4: Pulling a Shot: