LUCCA Atom 75

Updating LUCCA Atom 75 Firmware Via USB

Know When and How to Safely Update Your Grinder's Firmware Using a USB Cable and the LUCCA Firmware Utility App

The LUCCA Atom 75 is designed to automatically detect when new firmware updates are available and download them wirelessly. In the vast majority of cases, this WiFi Method is the proper way to update your firmware. You can check your grinder's current firmware version and initiate a WiFi firmware update by navigating to Settings (Gear-shaped Icon) > About > Firmware on your grinder's touchscreen.

There may be certain situations where updating the firmware via WiFi is not possible. In such cases, you can safely update the firmware by using the USB port located inside the grinder, following the USB Method described below.

When to Use the USB Method

  • You received instruction from Clive or LUCCA Support to do so.

When to Use the WiFi Method

  • All other times.

The USB Method

What You'll Need

  • Mac or Windows computer connected to the internet
  • 2.5mm Allen/hex wrench
  • 3.0mm Allen/hex wrench
  • Micro USB cable (some USB cables only carry power; ensure yours carries data as well)
  • The LUCCA Firmware Utility desktop app

LUCCA Firmware Utility download links

Mac Download Link

Windows Download Link (Windows 10 and 11)


  1. Ensure you are logged on to an administrator account on your computer.
  2. Download the LUCCA Firmware Utility desktop application.
  3. Install the application on your Mac or Windows computer:
    • For Mac users, open the "LUCCA Firmware Utility.dmg" file in your downloads folder to mount it to your desktop. Open "LUCCA Firmware Utility.dmg" in your desktop and find the application inside. You can drag it into your Applications folder to install it, or run it from inside "LUCCA Firmware Utility.dmg" if you choose.
    • For Windows users, drag "LUCCA Firmware Utility.exe" from your downloads folder onto your desktop.
  4. Carefully disassemble your LUCCA Atom 75 Coffee Grinder to access the USB port:
    1. Turn off the grinder and unplug the power cord from the wall socket.
    2. Close the hopper gate.
    3. Remove the hopper and any coffee remaining above the burrs.
    4. Using the 2.5mm Allen/hex wrench, remove the three screws that secure the top panel to the body. Remove the top panel.
    5. Using the 3.0mm Allen/hex wrench, remove the two screws that secure the display panel assembly to the body.
    6. Remove the display panel assembly by sliding it straight up, then gently tilting it toward you.
    7. The Micro USB port can be found on the printed circuit board (PCB) behind the touch display. The other cables attached to the PCB can remain in place for this procedure.
  5. Connect the LUCCA Atom 75 to your computer using the Micro USB cable.
  6. Open the LUCCA Firmware Utility desktop application.
    • For both Mac and Windows users, when you open the app for the first time, you may be prompted with a warning that the app has been downloaded from the internet or is from an unknown developer. 
    • To bypass this warning on Mac, right-click or control+click on the app icon, then select "Open". Then, when the warning appears, you will have the option to open the app.
    • To bypass this warning on Windows, double-click on the app to open it, then click "More Info", then click "Run Anyway".
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions provided by the LUCCA Firmware Utility to initiate the firmware update process.
  8. Once the firmware update is complete, remove the USB cable, and reassemble the LUCCA Atom 75 by following the disassembly instructions outlined in step 3, in reverse. 
  9. The grinder should now be successfully updated. Any future updates can now be completed wirelessly, and the LUCCA Firmware Utility can be deleted from your computer.