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Using Rinza to Clean Your Steam Wand

Learn how to clean the steam wand on your espresso machine using Urnex Rinza.

When it comes to cleaning your steam wand, we recommend making sure to thoroughly wipe off and purge your steam wand after every use. Even still, we know nobody's perfect; sometimes small amounts of milk get built up on the wand.

To clean off any built-up milk on your wand, we recommend using Rinza every 6 months. Here's how:

From our partners at Urnex:

Using Rinza to Clean Your Steam Wand on espresso machines
  1. Soak parts or steam wand for 15-30 minutes in 1oz/30ml Rinza® per 16oz/500ml warm water.
  2. Thoroughly purge and wipe down your steam wand.