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Eureka Mignon Brew Pro: Calibrate Grind Settings

If you find your Eureka Mignon Brew Pro isn't grinding as coarse or as fine as you would prefer, follow the steps below to calibrate your grinder.

Tools needed: 

  • Phillips screwdriver

1. Remove the Eureka symbol off of the back of the grinder and remove the hidden screw.  This will allow you to lift off the top chrome panel on your grinder.

Image from iOS (13)-1

2. Remove the top panel and locate the locking mechanism. Remove the screw and washer holding the locking mechanism in place. This will allow you to wiggle the locking mechanism out of place.

Image from iOS (12)-1

3. Tighten the adjustment knob for a finer setting or loosen the knob for a coarser range. 

Image from iOS (10)-14. Reinstall burr adjustment locking mechanism with Phillips head screw and tighten before reassembling the grinder.